Unusually high wholesale energy prices caused a charge to members on the Power Cost Adjustment line on their 2018 February bills. Our members have not had a Power Cost Adjustment that wasn't’ a credit to their bills since April 15, 2017. This may be especially surprising to members that use electric heat within their homes. The Co-op strives to provide the best member service to our members. With that in mind if you have billing questions, concerns, or disputes please contact our billing department, Monday thru Friday from 7:30 am to 4pm at 607-746-2341 or 866-436-1223. You may also e-mail DCEC anytime at billing@dce.coop. Please register any disputes about this bill prior to the due date.


What is the Power Cost Adjustment charge on my bill?

Average estimated power costs are used to establish the amount of power cost to recover through the Cooperative’s monthly base rate, which on your electric bill is called the Energy Charge. The Power Cost Adjustment mentioned on your electric bill refers to the unpredictable variation in power costs. On a month to month basis, DCEC compares the amount of power costs collected through its base rates and the actual costs incurred. The difference between the power costs actually incurred and the amount recovered through the base rates is either refunded to or collected from members the following month through the Power Cost Adjustment charge. A negative Power Cost Adjustment means on your monthly bills reflects a refund and a positive Power Cost Adjustment reflects a charge for the difference between average power cost and the actual cost incurred.


What if I know I can’t pay my bill in full?

If you are unable to make your monthly bill payment please communicate with DCEC’s billing department to make a binding payment arrangement. You can contact the billing of by calling (607) 746-9290 or by email at billing@dce.coop. For the most update to date policies CLICK HERE


Payment Assistance:

If you need assistance with making your payment, the following

agencies may be able to assist you:

Delaware County Department of Social Services


Schoharie County Department of Social Services


Delaware Opportunities


***Beginning February 12, 2018, a second emergency benefit is available for households who have exhausted both the Regular and first Emergency HEAP benefits and who are in a heat or heat-related energy emergency, as defined by HEAP and who meet the eligibility guidelines for emergency benefit assistance.

For More information about HEAP Benefits please visit http://otda.ny.gov/programs/heap/