Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Prioritized Strategic Goals
1.Improve Reliability
2.Increase Cost Effectiveness
3.Member Communications
5.Facilities Plan

Goal #1 Improve Reliability
Improved reliability means
•Fewer outages
•Shorter outages
How do we achieve it?
•Continue excellent vegetation management and line maintenance.
•Install more fuses to limit the impact of outages.
•Work with NYSEG to reduce impact of transmission outages.

Goal #2: Cost Effectiveness
Cost effectiveness means
•Minimizing rate increases while maintaining a high level of member service.
How do we achieve it?
•Slightly reducing staff size through retirements.
•Working together with other cooperatives when practical.
•Using temporary employees or contractors to meet short term needs most efficiently.

Goal #3: Member Communications
Member communications means
•Developing deeper and more meaningful relationships with you, the members, by communicating with you on your terms.
How do we achieve it?
•Consistently reach out to members through a variety of means beyond newsletter and website.
•Connect with young families better by hosting family-centered events.

Goal #4: Employee Cross Training
Employee cross training means
•Being able to provide 100% of our services to members despite the temporary loss of any employee, director, or service provider.
How do we achieve it?
•Detailed operating procedures
•Training of individuals to serve as “back-ups”
•Periodic “practice runs” to develop confidence in the individuals providing back-up

Goal #5: Facilities Planning
Facilities planning means
•Planning to serve members from a single, consolidated headquarters facility in the Delhi area
How do we achieve it?
•Document qualities, features, capabilities, and required space for a consolidated facility
•Perform due diligence on potential sites for purchase
•Complete designs for any additions or new structures or other features to meet our needs

Strategic Planning Timeline
Board issued prioritized goals: May 31, 2017
Staff proposed actions: August 25, 2017
Execution of actions: through December 31, 2020